LAROSA MEDICAL Teeth Whitening Pen – Natural Teeth Whitening Gel – Teeth Whitening Treatment – Made in USA (2Packs)


This is a new gold standard of teeth whitening

LAROSA MEDICAL Teeth Whitening Pen completely removes all unwanted stains from foods and drinks, make your teeth whitener without causing any pain, discomfort.

With just one per day use, our teeth whitening pen will give you a beautiful smile while you don’t have to pay a fortune to the dentist for it.

With the help of new advanced natural teeth whitener formula, our Teeth Whitening Pen destroys stain molecules and wipes them out completely.

How does it benefit me?

– Whitening Gel clears away 100% coffee, wine, tobacco, and other common stains without damaging enamel.

– With whiter teeth, it makes you feel more confident and attractive and adjust your look for the better.

– It is inexpensive and doesn’t break the bank. You can make a huge change to your appearance without spending a lot of cash and time like plastic surgery.

Applying the Teeth Whitening Pen:

1. Rinse mouth with water and wipe teeth dry.

2. Remove cap from the pen. Twist bottom of pen until gel appears on the brush tip.

3. Smile and brush a small amount of gel onto teeth surface especially on the yellow and dark stain.

4. Hold your smile for 60 seconds then rinse your mouth with fresh water.

5. Apply twice per day for up to five days. To maintain results reapply each week as required.

If you value your time and need a quick solution then LAROSA MEDICAL Teeth Whitening Pen is for you.

Get similar results without wasting time visits to dentists. Simply order today and save more money.


  • NO SENSITIVITY: Our natural teeth whitening products are none of the bleach, so it helps reveal visibly whiter teeth while protecting tooth enamel. From now on, you can easily whiten your teeth without suffering any pain
  • ONE MINUTE APPLICATION: Applying a quick-drying formula so that our teeth whitening gel does not leak on the gums and irritate them. Some of our customers said that our teeth whitening give even up to 8 shades whiter teeth.
  • CONVENIENT AND EASY: Your teeth can be stained from colored foods such as coffee, tea, wine as well as smoking cigarettes. LAROSA MEDICAL Painless Teeth Whitening will help you fight these stubborn stains. You can achieve and maintain your desired level of teeth whiteness by using the pen regularly.
  • ON THE GO: Unlike other teeth whitening kits, Larosa Medical teeth whitening pen can be just popped in your bag and carried with you wherever you go. You only have to spend a few minutes in the washroom and just like you would freshen up by touching up your makeup, you can use the teeth whitening pen to remove food remains and brighten teeth.
  • GUARANTEE: At LAROSA MEDICAL, we will do whatever it takes with our outstanding customer support to deliver the highest pleasure to our customer with certainly NO risks. If our Teeth Whitening Pen is not right for you, we will promptly refund the money for you.