Larosa First Aid Medical Tourniquet – Multiple Gen Tourniquet With Chromed Iron Finger Hole – Tourniquet Holder And Bandana FREE GIFT COMBO

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Color: Black

Multiple Gen

A Life Saving Friend To Explore The World… A new adventure is always fantastic for those who love exploring The World. From training, hiking, hunting, workplace, military wherever you are, being safe is essential.

Tourniquets are a fast and effective tool to stop major extremity bleeding when used properly and it has saved countless lives. The tourniquet strap comes completely apart to place around a limb, but it’s a closed-loop system that has only a limited three-inch uptake. This means users must tightly secure the tourniquet strap to the limb prior to engage the plastic windlass.

For proper application the tourniquet strap must be through the plastic buckle differently depending on whether it’s being used on an upper or lower extremity. The strap is secured on itself with Velcro, and there is one locking point for the windlass on this device.


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FREE GIFT COMBO WITH BANDANA & TOURNIQUET HOLDER — Larosa Bandana is designed with one side printed tourniquet usage guideline in many different postures are known as handed carriers with adventurers or travelers

MEDICAL TOURNIQUET FIRST AID KIT — The Larosa Medical Tourniquet is made from a composite windlass and belt used to control venous and arterial circulation to an extremity. Developed from the Israel bandage concept, the FINGER GROMMET is designed as a holder for better grip in mud, blood or wet weather.

SIMPLE DESIGN EASY USE — One handed design for self-application, easily add one or more to home emergency kits, cars, motorcycles, construction belt or carried on person for immediate use.

RESTRICTION & COMPRESSION FUNCTIONS — The first aid is very fast to place around the injured limb then use the windlass for tightening, rescue trauma. TIPS on HOW to APPLY is (1) Do not cover the tourniquet once applied. (2) Use the surgical equipment to stop bleeding prior to starting CPR efforts. (3) Once tightened, compressed the tourniquet and do not loosen

LIFETIME MANUFACTURER’S GUARANTEE – If you are not completely satisfied with our medical tourniquet, we will refund your purchase with no exception!